Electromagnetic acceleration experiment system


Provide experimental and teaching equipment for enthusiasts and institutions.


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This experimental system can comprehensively conduct in-depth research on magnetoresistive electromagnetic acceleration system:
1. Multi-stage acceleration architecture, modular design, dedicated distributed parallel bus;
2. Real-time communication between the module and the main controller, with a complete diagnosis mechanism;
3. Adaptive timing adjustment in the whole accelerate process;
4. The active current shutdown system ensures the best timing;
5. Highly reliable position sensor, not affected by dust, strong light, temperature, etc.;
6. When part stage fails, it will be shielded to ensure the normal operation of the system;
7. Intuitive human-computer interaction interface to keep track of the working status at any time.


15.8(length) x 6.8(width) x 1.9(high) inches


4 lb

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